#30DaysofDope Update - January - May 2018 (IFFYM + Lifting Heavy)

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Fat Loss Update - 30DaysofDope IFFYM, Lifting Heavy for Women

:::clears throat:::

Anybody there? Is anybody still listening?

If so, thanks for sticking with me through the deafening silence as #30DaysofDope went well, silent. It's been about 8 months since I last posted an update that wasn't a recipe here, and a lot has changed.

I fell off. Bounced back. Fell off again. Bounced back. Ended one job. Started a new one. Fell off again. A lot of ups, downs, and just coasting through landed me in a situation I thought I'd never see again - being back at square one.

I got fed up, frustrated, and just annoyed with myself. Falling so far off was disheartening, but I knew I couldn't stay there - some things had to change.

The first thing I needed to do? Admit that I really, truly hadn't made a lifestyle change or commitment. I was riding a short-term wave, in 21-30 day bursts, then completely falling off the wagon.

In mid-January, I decided that enough was enough - and if I wasn't going to get into gear, I should just admit defeat and live with the reality of never actualizing my fitness goals. Coincidentally, I started a new job (dream job + dream location + dream team) in mid-January as well - so the first month was a slow crawl into creating the habits necessary to truly adopt a lifestyle.

I'ts now early June and I'm happy to report that although I'm far from my goals, I'm making positive progress in a way that feels sustainable for the long-term.

Here's a little snapshot of my progress thus far:

Fat Loss Update - 30DaysofDope IFFYM, Lifting Heavy for Women

Not a miraculous number of pounds or inches lost. No dramatic transformation. And I'm just fine with that - because the lifestyle I seek is a journey, not a destination. And I've drilled into my head that long-term consistency beats short-term intensity, every day of the damn week.

And here's the way I'm transforming the way I see this here journey:

How I'm Creating a Fitness-Based Lifestyle
Please note that I'm not an expert, and like many of you, I'm just trying to do what works best for me. If what's working for you works for you - then by all means keep doing it, boo!

#1 - Nutrition, Nutrition, Nutriton. NUTRITION!
Food will never not be a struggle for me. Not because I'm some kind of food addict (I mean, who doesn't enjoy a good tasting meal?) but I'm a straight up fool for some carbs. Not just the bready or pasta-y kind - but the sugary kind. Once I learned about macronutrients, my whole world got turned upside down. It seemed like everything I loved - from ketchup to cupcakes was filled with carbs.


Once I re-committed to this lifestyle, I re-activated my Avatar Nutrition profile and got back active in the Facebook group. I've learned SO much about what IFFYM/flexible dieting REALLY means, and how I don't have to eat "clean", and completely abandon or eliminate things I really enjoy. I'm learning the fine art of balance, moderation, and accountability thanks to my membership with Avatar.

Fat Loss Update - 30DaysofDope IFFYM, Lifting Heavy for Women
These are my regular daily macros, adjusted for higher intake on Friday and Sundays (when I'm most likely to go out).
I'm shying away from the "diet" mentality, and totally distancing myself from riding whatever fitness wave is popping. No clean eating or Whole 30. I'm cool on Paleo. And you couldn't get me to touch Keto with a 10 foot pole. No judgement, I know those diets (especially keto) are the hot shizz right now - but once I understood how macronutrients and caloric deficit work, I realized the ONLY "diet" that matters is the one I could maintain for the rest of my life without losing my sanity.

I personally love Avatar Nutrition because they take the guesswork out of macros and calories. You build a profile, set your goals, take your weight/measurements, and they'll calculate the macros/calories you need to make goal progress week by week. At every weekly check in, if your progress isn't on par, it'll adjust. They also allow you to customize your preferences as far as higher macro days, and whether you're more partial to carbs or fats.

Fat Loss Update - 30DaysofDope IFFYM, Lifting Heavy for Women
I share meal prep macros on Instagram! And recipes right here!
Once I got the hang of macros, measuring, and counting, I realized there's a LOT more flexibility in what I could have and still be on track. And mentally, that's a GREAT feeling. I've still got a lot of work to do with compliance (because life happens), but I'm not beating myself up. Forward is forward.

Click here for macro-friendly recipe ideas!

#2 - Get Moving
The best workout routine, much like the best "diet" is the one that you find enjoyable, palatable, and can stick to for the long haul.

For me, that's lifting heavy. I'm inspired by women like Massy Arias, Elisabeth Akinwale, Ashley Horner, Amanda Kohatsu, and Stefi Cohen - who are incredibly athletic, strong, and super motivational. They also know their ish when it comes to weightlifting and women's bodies.

Fat Loss Update - 30DaysofDope IFFYM, Lifting Heavy for Women

I love lifting weights, but I'm not a powerlifter. I enjoy being strong. Setting new PRs is always exciting. Being underestimated is fun. I've also learned in my journey that all these things get me pumped to hit the gym, but also align with my fitness goals. Yes I still do cardio. But I no longer see the gym as punishment for what I ate, or rely on the treadmill to "give me extra calories" for the day.

Yes, working out helps me create more of a caloric deficit, but for me it's about celebrating what my body can do. How far I've come, and how lifting heavy literally helps me transform into a different person. AHHHHHH I can't wait to finish this blog post and hit the gym! Today is bench press day and I'm lowkey addicted to it.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I've cycled through a few different plans - from Ashley Horner's Charlie Mike, to a few Jim Stoppani jams. I'm currently doing Shortcut to Strength with Samuel, which is perfect if you love squats, deadlifts, bench pressing, and that kinda stuff.

#3 - Take it One Day at a Time
My only competition is myself.
My only competition is myself.
My only competition is myself.

Instead of intimidating myself and thinking a year out or even a month out, I focus on each day. How each decision I make adds up to the bigger picture. Having a protein shake or proats for breakfast instead of stopping at Starbucks. Eating my meal prep even though it's Wednesday and I'm over grilled chicken. Waking up at 3am to hit the gym before work, because I  have zero interest in competing with the after work/rush hour workout crowd at my gym.

Eating that cupcake I want, because I know it's not going to wash my entire journey down the drain.

Fat Loss Update - 30DaysofDope IFFYM, Lifting Heavy for Women

#4 - Build Habits for the Long Term
The one thing that irks me about the whole "fitness" culture on social media is the desire for results quick, fast, and in a hurry. Personally, I think that's why so many people ride the keto wave, but that's another post for another time. I had to break from the mentality that carb blockers, teas, fat burners, and sweat belts would compensate for my poor eating and lackluster gym performance.

I had to get it through my thick skull that breaking with old habits is hard, but necessary. And that to achieve the goals I set, I was going to have to suck it up and replace those bad habits with better ones.

That means investing in a food scale so I can properly measure ingredients and meal prep the right way. It means getting to bed at a decent hour so I can wake up and perform in the gym. It means logging my food in MyFitnessPal daily, and drinking water instead of everything else under the sun.

It means finding new ways to enjoy the things I like, and understanding moderation.

It's not always sexy, fun, or fast. But it's the hard truth about what I'm doing so my later is greater than my former.

#5 - Find Ways to Stay Accountable
There's tons of articles about accountability everywhere - and it's definitely a different strokes for different folks kind of thing. I'm lucky enough to be engaged to a man that loves the gym (TBH it's how I even got started), and I use my Instagram to keep me accountable. I'm also going back to monthly check-ins here on the blog as another layer of accountability.That said, "see" ya'll in a few weeks for this June check-in!

That about wraps it up for me folks! My allergies are kickin', so I'm going to take a quick nap (hopefully it helps) before hitting the gym.

Catch y'all on Instagram and Instagram Stories @30DaysofDope! I'll be doing monthly check-ins here on the blog as a part of my accountability process!

:::clears throat::: Anybody there? Is anybody still listening? If so, thanks for sticking with me through the deafening silence as #3...

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