#DopeRecipe: High Protein Chili (Just in Time for Fall!)

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Best High Protein Chili Recipe

Even though its been toggling between 75 and 80 degrees here in LA, I made chili for #MealPrepMonday. Because it's October.

And October = chili. 

Chili is the perfect one-pot, no fuss, no fail meal that's full of flavor for lunch and dinner, and holds up great in the fridge throughout the week.

This one-pot wonder is packed with protein, smoky flavor, and a hint of spice - thanks to two special ingredients. The combination of chipotle peppers and beer (low carb of course) give this chili a flavor profile to remember. Ready to hook this thang on up? Here's the recipe:

High Protein Chili Ingredients
+ 1/4 cup onions, chopped
+ 1/2 cup green bell pepper, chopped
+ 1 can (198g) Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce
+ 1 can (794g) Unsalted Crushed Tomatoes
+ 1 can (439g) Cooked Red Kidney Beans
+ 1 can (439g) Cooked White Kidney Beans
+ 1 can (439g) Cooked Black Beans
+ 1412g Cooked Ground Turkey (93/7 is what I used)
+ 8 Chicken Sausage Links (I used Ardell's Chickem with Pineapple & Bacon)
+ 1 bottle (330ml) Light Beer (I used Trader Joe's)
+ Seasonings (to taste - details under Instructions)

Tools & Utensils
+ cutting board
+ knife
+ stock pot or slow cooker
+ can opener
+ bottle opener
+ large spoon (I personally like wooden)
+ blender or hand mixer (I have this blender and this hand mixer)

Spray your stock pot with non-stick cooking spray or a smidgen of oil. Over medium-high heat, saute onions and bell peppers until tender. Add ground turkey and season it with whatever you prefer. Bring the heat down to medium. For my chili, I used:

Best High Protein Chili Recipe

+ Himalayan Pink Salt (just a smidge)
+ Hawaiian Black Salt (a few pinches)
+ Granulated Garlic
+ Onion Salt Blend (The Trader Joe's version is amazing and lower sodium)
+ Cumin
+ Chili Powder
+ Ancho Chile Powder
+ Paprika
+ Black Pepper
+ Trader Joe's 21 Seasoning Salute (salt free)

While the ground turkey is cooking, plug in that blender or hand mixer and pour in the whole can of crushed tomatoes and the whole can of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce. Blend until both are well incorporated, while still leaving some tomato chunks behind (on my blender, I used the 2 setting for about 40 seconds). This is your chili base - full of flavor and a lil' smoky heat.

Best High Protein Chili Recipe

Set the chipotle and tomato chili base aside and remove the cooked ground turkey with onions and bell peppers from the pot. It's sausage time. Grab your sausages of choice and slice 'em. For a more even spread, I sliced the sausages down the middle, then chopped into pieces.

Best High Protein Chili Recipe

Drop the sausage in the pot, allowing them to cook for 2-3 minutes. This is a good time to weigh out your cooked ground turkey for macro purposes. Once the sausages are sizzling, put the turkey back in the pot and stir.

Best High Protein Chili Recipe

Now, it's time to bean up the chili. Working with already cooked, canned beans saves tons of time. Feel free to swap beans and add your favorites like pinto or great northern.

Open all 3 cans of beans and dump them right into the chili pot - juice and all. We're not adding any water to this recipe, so you'll need that extra juice to make sure the chili doesn't cook down too quickly.

Best High Protein Chili Recipe

Next, pour in the chipotle and tomato base. Mix until completely incorporated and turn the heat down to low. Pop open that light beer and pour it right on in the pot. Light beer has way less carbs, and brings tons of flavor. The entire bottle I used had 8.9g of carbs.

Best High Protein Chili Recipe

Cover with a lid and let it simmer for 45 minutes to an hour, stirring occasionally to make sure nothing burns and sticks to the bottom of the pot. If you're not satisfied with the consistency of the chili, a hack I like to use is smashing beans around the edge of the pot. It helps thicken without the need for added stuff.

Once you've reached the desired consistency, you're done! Serve them bad boys up in a bowl or a meal prep container!

Best High Protein Chili Recipe

Macros for High Protein Chili 
(1 Pot = 15 servings; macros are for 1 hearty serving)
+ 360 calories
+ 31.7g protein
+ 23.1g carbs
+ 14.8g fat
+ 6.5g fiber
+ 7.8g sugar

Note: Most of the carbs in this recipe are from the beans. Some of the carbs and fat also comes from the sausage I used. Feel free to swap with a leaner sausage source for even better macros.

If you try this recipe out, let me know on Instagram or in the comments below!

Even though its been toggling between 75 and 80 degrees here in LA, I made chili for #MealPrepMonday. Because it's October. And...


  1. Yumm! This looks so delicious! I love chili!

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