#30DaysofDope - August 2017 Update

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30 Days of Dope August 2017 Update

August was a bit of a firey month for me. Something deep inside just clicked. Better food choices. Small improvements in weekend discipline. HUGE boosts in gym work ethics. It's all starting to fall into place...

Just in time for fall. #becauseimcorny

Here's what went down in August:

Healthy Eating
There's nothing like paying $9.99/month for a service to motivate you to act right. Even though I definitely slipped up in August (hi Susiecakes Cap'n Crunch & Strawberry Rose cupcakes), I made an effort to more closely track my macros with Avatar Nutrition and be more mindful on weekends.

I've had to fight some REAL urges to derail myself in August. I did have a mid-month slump where everything was basically rubbish. But I picked it up and powered through - fighting hard to stay on track. Especially during the last week. I really felt like I was on the verge of breaking, and then God would set up little scenarios to block it.

For example, on Tuesday of this week, I had to pass Susiecakes on the way to the freeway from Bailey's vet (updated vaccinations). I was tempted to swing in for a sweet treat - but then the FedEx man delivered a HUGE box to our doorstep. Samuel called, asking if I was expecting something.

I wasn't.

30 Days of Dope August 2017 Update

He said he wasn't, either. I had to abandon my sugary pit stop plans to race home and figure out who this big @$$ box was from, and for. Turns out, it was a work-related package for me.

The very next day, I got so buried in work that I didn't eat breakfast or lunch. I looked up at nearly 2, making plans to skirt out to Burger King (hello chicken fries and onion rings), and screw up royally. For the record, I like, hardly ever go to Burger King or McDonald's (especially since Hi-C Orange was discontinued) - so this craving was nothing but satan's sorcery. As if almost on cue, Samuel calls me. I ask what time he wants to go to the gym - he says as soon as he gets home from work (he was leaving early).

I no longer had time for Burger King.

Basically, God blockt me from screwing up - and I hope He continues to do so until I can really dial in on the nutritional discipline.

Working Out
I'm not going to mince words or be coy about it - August has been LIT workout-wise. Charlie Mike is in the books, and I posted some pretty impressive strength gains. I took like 1 rest day off, and then dove head-first into my new BodyBuilding.com plan - Jim Stoppani's 12 Week Shortcut to Size.

30 Days of Dope August 2017 Update

I mentioned in my July update that I missed some of the more traditional gym moves, and Shortcut to Size is giving me exactly what I was missing. It's been kicking my butt, and I definitely wake up more days sore than not - but I'm LOVING it. I haven't skipped a single workout day (I skipped 1 rest day to move ahead, lol) and I can honestly say I'm giving this program everything I've got. My goal is to lose fat by building muscle and gaining strength. Even if the scale doesn't move (but I pray it does), I want to look visibly different at the end of this program.

12 weeks is a long time, and I'll be damned if I finish looking like I did when I started.

Habit Building
I've been sticking to my Productive app, and having some success with it. I had zero skipped days which is an improvement over July, but only 1 perfect day where I hit every single thing I wanted to do.

I think it may boil down to me trying to perfect too many habits at once. For September, I'm going to dial back and focus on the habits that I struggled to hit in August (like making my bed every day), while removing the ones that are indeed habits at this point (like tracking my meals).

This is the part that has me the most excited. My future sister-in-law reminded me to take all my photos in the same outfit, so I've got a new end-of-the-month uniform. It's definitely helping me to see more of the changes that are happening and not rely so heavily on the scale (even though it's a necessary evil).

30 Days of Dope August 2017 Update

Small changes over time eventually will add up. I'm learning to pace myself, take things one day at a time, and be patient with my progress.

30 Days of Dope August 2017 Update

+ I checked in every week on Avatar - whether I wanted to or not!
+ I FINISHED Charlie Mike
+ I embarked on a new workout plan and have not skipped a day
+ I'm building better habits and working on my accountability to self
+ I feel strong AF. Like, the strongest I've ever been and that feeling is AMAZING because I know I can only go up from here!
+ I dropped 2.4% body fat (based on measurements tracked by Avatar)

+ I missed my 7lb weight loss goal for the month of August. Not a total L, but still shy of what I had hoped.
+ I was only about 50/50 compliant with my macro targets - which is more than the 25% from July, but short of my 60% goal for August
+ I think I'm trying to create too many habits at once. I keep missing out on one or two things per day - whether it be making my bed or drinking ACV in the morning.

30 Days of Dope August 2017 Update

September Game Plan
+ Not miss a single Shortut to Size workout
+ Aim for 75% compliance with Avatar
+ Retool my habits in the Productive app to focus on the 3-4 most important habits I wish to build.
+ Keep feeling strong, and keep a positive mindset!

I'm excited, encouraged, and determined to make September excellent. Granted, I'm taking a short vacay in Vegas for a few days this month, but our strip hotel has a gym inside so... #noexcuses

On the food tip tho, pray for me. Vegas ain't nothing but buffets, fried food, and alcohol. 😂

August was a bit of a firey month for me. Something deep inside just clicked. Better food choices. Small improvements in weekend discipli...

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