#30DaysofDope - July 2017 Update

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#30DaysofDope - July 2017 Update
July felt like training wheels, honestly.

More specifically, that point where you're feeling like a confident, two-wheelin' pro, and literally BEG to have the training wheels taken off your bike because, you got this.

And then you fall.

But even though you fell, you fell forward. It stings, hurts your pride a lil' bit, but ultimately results in growth.

Yep, that's July in a nutshell.

Here's why.

Healthy Eating
At this point in the game, I'm a #mealprep pro, and pretty much addicted to grilling protein. Meal prepping is literally a part of my life at this point. Monday thru Thursday is never the problem. The problem - consistency, and without fail - is Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Admittedly, I meal prep to last the duration of the work week (Monday-Friday lunchtime), and pretty much spend the weekend in a freefall.

I'll be the first to admit that you can easily undo a week's worth of disciplined eating and hard work in a weekend at Cheesecake Factory, Hooters, BJ's, Lucille's, and everywhere else. For the larger part of July, that's been the struggle. My only saving grace has been Friday being a cheat/higher macro day, which offsets some of the damage from the rest of the weekend (or at least I'd like to think so).

The end result, to be honest, is me feeling like I'm "starting over" to regain the previous week's progress every Monday.

And this is where my re-investment in Avatar Nutrition comes in.

#30DaysofDope - July 2017 Update

Back in March, I took a leap of faith and signed myself up for Avatar Nutrition, seeking increased accountability, support, and more targeted approach to nutrition in support of my fitness goals. I'm in no way sponsored by Avatar Nutrition, and surely do pay my $9.99 per month like every other member. I used it diligently from March to April, and pretty much fell off until July (all while still paying for it😑).

At the top of July, I checked in, updated my profile, and got knee deep into the private Facebook group. This time around, I'm committed to getting every penny of my $9.99 from Avatar Nutrition. So far, I've been sticking to my weekly check-ins, and working to become more compliant with my macros. It's a struggle, but I'll get there.

Working Out
If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I kicked off late June starting a workout routine from BodyBuilding.com called Charlie Mike, with Ashley Horner. I was looking for a targeted workout program that was going to stretch me, challenge me, and teach me.

#30DaysofDope - July 2017 Update

And let me tell you - I got just that. Because of travel and a few other commitments, I'm about 2 weeks behind completion on the program. I should've been done earlier, but I'm finishing week 6 of 6 this week. Charlie Mike is not a workout program for a beginner, or for the faint of heart - there are some pretty intense and pretty heavy lifts involved. There's even some workout moves that I struggled through or skipped altogether because they were above my capabilities (looking at you burpees, man makers, and wall walks).

And while I'm proud of myself for learning some new moves - barbell thrusters, push presses, clean & jerk, kettlebell windmills and more - I won't lie. I miss fundamental stuff like curls, and rows, and lat pulldowns and whatnot. As this is my final week of Charlie Mike, I'm on the prowl for a new program that will continue to challenge me with crossfit/powerlifting moves combined with more traditional exercises.

#30DaysofDope - July 2017 Update

Of the entire 6 week program, I only pressed "skip workout" twice - which ain't too shabby if you ask me. Overall, I'm proud of myself for getting uncomfortable, trying new things, and pushing past moves I didn't think I could do.

Habit Building
One of the MAJOR things I lacked during previous #30DaysofDope cycles was a true mechanism for habit building. I've long since proven to myself that just writing down goals was not effective enough for me. In fact, I revealed in this post that I couldn't even find my dang goal journal in July. Not only did I completely re-write my 2017 goals over mid-year, I came up with a more decisive plan of attack to support them.

That's where this newfangled (to me) app called Productive comes in. It's literally an app devoted to helping you create and track habits and goals. I went ahead and splurged $3.99 for the full version, and I'm so happy I did. Since the day I installed it, I've been on a mission - breaking down each goal into daily or weekly habits that I know will ultimately lead to my success.

I'll dive into this app more in a future post, but for now just know - I have reminders set for everything from make our bed, to track my macros and drink water.

Interested in seeing what the Productive app is all about? Click here to check it out!

Folks usually drop progress pics for likes and accolades, but I'm not interested in all of that. This is about two things - accountability, and tracking visible progress. I'm not ashamed to admit that a whole lot didn't change in July. Because, training wheels. Anywho, I'll be dropping month-to-month comparison shots, in an effort to more consistently track my journey.

#30DaysofDope - July 2017 Update

There were some definite wins in July. I managed to:
+ Set NEW goals for 2017
+ Stick to my weekly check-ins with Avatar Nutrition
+ Make it to week 6 of Charlie Mike
+ Create a system of developing new habits for myself
+ Drop 3.4% body fat (based on measurements tracked by Avatar)

+ I set a goal to lose 7lbs per month. My beginning and end of the month weight didn't really change, but my measurements did a little bit. It's not a total L, but August definitely leaves room for opportunities.
+ I was out of compliance with my set macros for the majority of July.
+ Even with my Productivity app, there are some days where I skip out on meeting my water intake goal, drinking my ACV, or even forget to track macros.

August Game Plan
As I said in the beginning of the blog post, July was all about training wheels - getting back in the groove of things. August, I'm turning things up a notch. My game plan is to:
+ Find a new workout plan to pick up where Charlie Mike left off - integrating traditional weight exercises with crossfit style lifts
+ Be compliant with my macros for at least 60% of August thru September 1 (Fridays are my check-in days for Avatar Nutrition)
+ Have a PERFECT month streak with my Productive app - meaning I hit every goal, every day.

Wish me luck guys! I can't wait to see where I land in September!

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July felt like training wheels, honestly. More specifically, that point where you're feeling like a confident, two-wheelin' pro,...


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