What's Been Going On? The NEW #30DaysofDope

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What's Been Going On? The NEW #30DaysofDope

:::blows dust off blog:::

Is anybody still here? Y'all checking for #30DaysofDope online and on Instagram, or nah? If you unfollowed me because you figured this was a hobby/fad that came, went, and was abandoned - I can't blame you.

But at least let me explain what's happened since March.

I fell off - HARD. Like, got so set in my old ways that it almost seemed like any progress I made was long gone. My gym motivation waned. My energy dipped. I literally did whatever I wanted - and paid the price dearly in terms of falling short of my goals.

It's a tough pill to swallow, but I have to own the fact that I wasted 3 months that could have brought me so much closer to my goals.

So I thought long and hard, prayed, and bounced ideas off my official sounding board AKA Samuel. We both agreed that the concept of #30DaysofDope was solid, but my execution/vision was off balance. The biggest problem? Limiting "cycles" to 30 days.

By creating challenges/cycles, I set myself and everyone else up for failure. If lifestyle changes are truly my goal, then the methodology needs to reflect that. It wasn't until late June that I had an *aha* moment -

A month is roughly 30 days. So in theory, #30DaysofDope still works. The flaw was in the lack of continuity - not checking in, challenging, and ultimately changing myself until the mood struck me again. Bouncing around to arbitrary months ultimately meant one thing (which I had proven to myself time and time again) - that I would be on point for 30 days, fall off the wagon, and have to pick myself back up again. I don't need a blog, challenge, or Instagram page dedicated to that! I can follow that cycle all on my own! 😂

So here's the shift - no more cycles. No more solicitations to join me. No more blueprints and guidelines. I'm lasering in on my strengths, and sticking close to the model that has worked for The Mane Objective for so many years - to be a journal and a resource. So here's what you can expect from #30DaysofDope:
+ Monthly check-ins and progress updates
+ Recipe shares
+ Reviews (fitness/healthy lifestyle/food/supplements and more)
+ Tool & resource sharing
+ More activity on Instagram (yay!)
+ Healthy living info, inspo, and more!

What you may have noticed, is that I've pulled away from the content focused on mental and spiritual health. Don't get it twisted - I'm still very much working on both, and there's a chance that in the future I may share things related to those journeys. But for right now, I want to use this blog to document and share more tangible, visible things. I'm still very open to discussing both, and if you've got any questions, you can always hit me at christina[at]30daysofdope.com.

All this being said, part 2 is coming later today. I've got some exciting updates to share for July!

:::blows dust off blog::: Is anybody still here? Y'all checking for #30DaysofDope online and on Instagram , or nah? If you unfollow...

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