#30DaysofDope Week 2 and 3 Update

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#30DaysofDope Week 2 and 3 Update

During Week 2 of #30DaysofDope, I somehow managed to be not dope... I didn't post anything! I didn't e-mail you guys, barely posted to Instagram...I mean sheesh!

My bad.

I didn't mean to leave you guys high and dry. So as to not be late two weeks in a row, I'm combining my week 2 and 3 update to share with you guys - the good, the bad, the ugly, and the delicious.

Let's dive in!

Dope Mind
Am I the only one wrestling with Necessary Endings right now? Although I've read much further into the book, I find myself stewing around Chapter 4. The title alone is a gut punch -
When Stuck Is the New Normal: The Difference Between Pain with a Purpose and Pain for No Good Reason

Currently, I'm assessing that thing we talked about a few weeks ago via e-mail - yep, The Mane Objective. After a long, hearty conversation with Samuel, I'm trying to determine whether it's a necessary ending, or if I've succumbed to "learned helplessness". According to Dr. Cloud, learned helpnessness is "a condition in which the person adapts to the misery because they feel there is nothing they can do about it."

In the learned helplessness model, we interpret events in a negative way, seeing them as personalized (I'm what's wrong), pervasive (everything about this is wrong), and then permanent (nothing is going to change). In learned helplessness, we shut down in the face of things we can't control - to the point that we do not execute the activities and outcomes that we can control.

Was I hasty in my decision making and declaration about the future of my blog? Maybe. My goal for the weekend is to execute the activity on page 57 and:

  • Take a piece of paper and divide it into two columns
  • In column 1, write down all the things that I cannot control that are affecting me as it relates to my blog/business
  • In column 2, write down all the things I do have control over
  • Take action on the column 2 items
If you're hitting a wall with a particular area of your life, please do feel free to join me in this activity. We'll push through together!

Dope Body
Can I brag a lil' bit?

I'm PROUD AF of myself!!!! I said I was going to workout 8x/week, and after falling 1 workout short during week 1, I went #beastmode for weeks 2 and 3! It feels SO good to set an uncomfortable goal and smash the crap out of it. Two weeks in a row, at that! Well, almost. It's Saturday morning of week 3, and I've already hit 7 of my 8 workouts - including one at 4:30am (lol). I've got all of today and tomorrow to make it do what it do - so I'm 137% sure I'll hit my goal between today and tomorrow. Heck, I might even go super ham and hit 9 workouts! I'll keep you guys posted via e-mail!

#30DaysofDope Week 2 and 3 Update

Meal prepping has been meal prepping has been meal prepping - has been meal prepping. No new news - except I've been obsessed with broccoli for like 3 weeks. Other than that, meal prep has become second nature to me. I'll be sure to do a post soon about #MealPrep101 to help those of you guys looking to get on board with this time saving practice!

I've been trying my best to go 80/20 with my Avatar Nutrition macros, and I won't lie - it's a day-to-day struggle. Eating meal preps is easy, but consuming enough protein is HARD. Some days, despite how delicious my Syntha-6 Edge is, I just don't can't even. And there are times, like womanly events, that throw you off course in a real way. I've learned to just go with the flow (ha!), and bounce back later. It's all a process.

Dope Spirit
I don't have a whole lot to say here, because I've been at peace for the most part. But I do have my moments where doubt and comparison envy creep in. In those moments, I take a look at my screenshot from Chase The Lion and let it marinatemarinate - The God who did it before can do it again. 

When I find myself frustrated, upset, or feeling down about not being where I thought I'd be by now, I take a moment to look how FAR God has brought me from where I was. I've seen in my own life how God has moved, promoted, blessed, sustained, made a way, and been gracious and merciful toward me. His track record in my life is flawless. 

In those moments when I'm preparing to RSVP for the Pity Party, I challenge myself to stop, remember, and celebrate all that God has done.

And then I find peace :)

How have the past two weeks been for you? Let me know in the comments below or shoot me an e-mail at christina[at]30daysofdope.com! Enjoy the weekend fam!

During Week 2 of #30DaysofDope, I somehow managed to be not dope... I didn't post anything! I didn't e-mail you guys, barely post...