Welcome to #30DaysofDope! Here's 5 Tips to Kick Off the Day.

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Welcome to #30DaysofDope! Here's 5 Tips to Kick Off the Day.

If you're reading this, the first thing I want to say is thank you. Thank you for your support, your encouragement, and for joining me on this journey to personal excellence. I'm just a hair blogger - so the fact that you're willing to take this pivot with me, means a lot.

Today is day 1 of 30, and I've got this intense combination of excitement and trepidation swirling inside of me. I'm anxious to see who I'll be at day 30. But I know I can't get too far ahead of myself (even though I'm great at that) - one day at a time is where it's at.

So, this is day 1. And here are 5 tips for kicking off day 1 and setting the trajectory for the 29 days to follow. I'll be referring back to this list often to remind myself to stay the course.

Let's go:

1. Prep. Prep. Prep.
I don't know if you can relate to this at all - but nothing excited me like the first day of school. From elementary through my senior year of high school, that giddy excitement carried over into me setting out clothes, shoes, and making lunch the night before. And I got a strange high off getting new school supplies (don't judge me). New pens. New paper. New folders. I diligently prepped my backpack sometimes a week in advance of my first day. I channeled some of that same energy here - by rising early to get the party started. What that means is, making sure my iPad is good n' charged for reading the Bible and The Four Agreements. Prepping my gym bag for today's workout after work. Setting alarms for daily Bible reading. Meal prepping. Cleaning my work/blogging office up - because I'm a huge believer in the power of your environment. Prep for me may look different than prep for you, but the spirit is all the same. To avoid rushing and last minute terrible decisions that derail me from my goals, I'm setting myself up for success on day 1. Cause Suga Free said it best - if you stay ready, you ain't got to get ready.

2. Create a morning routine.
Today is Thursday, which means like most of you guys, I'm off to work. Although I work from home, the mental energy required to shift myself into work mode (and not say, screw off half the morning watching YouTube reviews in bed) is the same. So to keep myself in line, here's what I'm committing to every morning:

+ Bible, devotional reading, and prayer.
+ Shower and making the bed (if you make the bed, you're less likely to get back in it)
+ Some sort of physical activity (stretching, squats, elliptical...something to get my blood going)
+ Drinking my NeoCell Protein Smoothie (breakfast) with unsweetened Almond Milk

Creating a morning routine will help put me on autopilot, and minimize the amount of wasted time  and mental energy spent making small decisions. With more efficient time management and a reserve of brain power, I'll be mentally ready to attack the work day and give the best to maneobjective.com and my #30DaysofDope community.

3. Keep a positive quote nearby.
I'm a visual person, and I always find having visual reminders nearby to be extremely helpful. Whether it be changing your phone background, sticking a Post-It on your monitor, or dedicating a whiteboard to it, keeping some positive reinforcement somewhere readily accessible will pull you through the slumps or snap you back to attention when your mind starts drifting. It can be a quote, a single word, or a favorite scripture. I have a whiteboard next to my desk with 1Thessalonians 5;16-18 written on it - to help shape my perspective over the next 30 days:

"Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."

4. Keep your goals handy.
In addition to mindset, and not setting myself up for success, another reason my goals and plans fall through is because I simply don't look at them. I can't be the only person that set a goal in January, forgot about it, and set the same goal again the next January because it never got met. Time to switch things up and actually do what we said we were gonna do. For us, that means keeping the #30DaysofDope prep list handy, along with your own notes and goals for the month. Wherever you have them - keep 'em somewhere you'll look often. If you need the PDF of picture version of the prep list, drop me an e-mail at christina[at]30daysofdope.com and I'll send it to you! #accountability

5. Tell a friend.
Dope: telling a friend you're doing #30DaysofDope and them agreeing to help hold you accountable. Even doper: having a friend join you in the process. My sister and 2 of our friends are joining me in #30DaysofDope, so I feel incredibly blessed to be able to have a strong support network behind me and vice versa. Even if your friends aren't down, still sharing your plans and goals with them will help you in staying the course because your goals have gone from this very, very private thing - to something that other people know about. It's another layer of accountability, and helping you keep your promises to yourself. Plus, having a support system to lean on is vital to this process. So if you haven't already, join the e-mail list (or e-mail me at christina[at]30daysofdope.com) and follow the Instagram @30daysofdope. I'll be your support - we're building a community here.

Do you have any tips for kicking off a personal challenge? Share in the comments below or on Instagram with the hashtag #30daysofdope!

If you're reading this, the first thing I want to say is thank you.  Thank you for your support, your encouragement, and for join...


  1. There must be a reason I stumbled upon your blog. In addition to making flaxseed gel today, I also used a home blood pressure monitor because I've been having a nagging headache for three weeks. Lo and behold, my bp was 173/106, which is dangerously high. They call it stage 2 hypertension.

    Well, even though I hit the gym twice a week, my eating habits have taken a turn for the worse. And those daily walks I used to take at 5:30am, I've stopped them. So...all this to say, that you've inspired me to get back on my horse, so to speak. The fact that you're on Day ONE, the timing couldn't be more perfect. I'll "like" your FB page and follow along. Thanks for sharing yourself with a stranger like me. God bless.

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