#30DaysofDope Update: Week 2

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#30DaysofDope Update: Week 2

It's day 15. We're at the literal half point of #30DaysofDope.

Crazy, right?

Summer is pretty much officially gone. As I type this update, I'm in my office, at my desk, wrapped in the most heavenly of blankets. I would show you a picture, but the truth is, I've probably got eye crust going on and I know my hair is a hot mess. So I'll spare you that tragedy.

Let's dive in to week 2. I've got some juicy deets for ya!

Dope Mind
Straight up, The Four Agreements is taking me on a journey. And this week's stop along that path has totally thrown me for a loop. I have been simultaneously juggling trying to act out the first agreement (be impeccable with your word) while digesting the concept of the second agreement (don't take anything personally).

Here's me, having an imaginary conversation with Don Miguel Ruiz in my mind while reading the second agreement:

Me: So... like...I'm supposed to not take the fact that this man gave me the finger on the freeway personally?

Ruiz: Yep.

Me: And if someone talks ish about me behind my back, I'm supposed to let it just ride?

Ruiz: Pretty much.

Me: Oh, and the chick that keeps plagarizing my work? That's supposed to be cool?

Ruiz: It's not cool, but it ain't got nothing to do with you.

Me: Hmph.

Clearly, I'm wrestling with this chapter - even though I'm very familiar with the concept. See what the second agreement requires is a shift in perspective, a move beyond yourself and your particular set of lenses for viewing the world and everyday interactions with people. And in the weeks ahead, I'm gonna be grappling with this agreement, because I'm the person that looks for the underlying meaning in everything. I read between lines that ain't even there.

The Four Agreements
If I'm walking into a building behind someone and they don't push back the door to keep it open, I'm ready to pop off - because I feel disrespected. Oh, and don't even let me get started about the time I almost went bats**t crazy when a girl in a fast food restaurant called me a "stupid b***h" (I told y'all, God has brought me from a mighty long way). I don't tolerate rudeness, disrespect, shade, or being called out of my name well AT ALL. Oh and don't even get me started about what happens if I detect a hint of racism.

I say all that to say, I've got some work to do. If I'm truly going to be who God has called me to be, I have to take the second agreement and live it out. And just like last week, I'm talking about this a little bit more in depth with my #DopeFam via e-mail. So look for that later this morning! Not on the list? Drop your e-mail in that pink top bar!

Dope Body
This is one area in which I'm legitimately proud of myself. Last week, I said I was in the process of pushing out of my comfort zone in the gym. This week, I'm keeping that move going strong - and it's paying off. What's funny is that at the beginning of the year, I said I wanted to be able to squat 200lbs, deadlift 200lbs, and bench 150lbs before December 31st.

About a month ago, I hit that squat goal and exceeded it by 5lbs. Deadlift, I'm maxing out at 185 (my hamstrings need some work). And my bench goal? I'm nowhere near it - currently maxing at 95lbs. And we're on the precipice of the 4th quarter of 2016. My goals aren't changing, but my approach is. See, a few months ago I was in a rush to get there, so I was lopping on plate after plate - seeking to be the "strong girl" in the gym. But my form was wack. My motivation was off.

Now, even though it's late in the year, I'm taking a few steps back. Working on form. Building the stamina. The endurance. The strength. Doing things the right way, so that when I hit the goal, I know I worked for it, chiseled away at it, and didn't rush the process.

#30DaysofDope Update: Week 2

Ultimately, I'm realizing that through consistent effort in the gym and in the kitchen, the goals I want to achieve are within reach. It's not gonna happen in 30, 60, or 90 days (like some folks on Instagram want you to believe) - but I'm really casting my vision 2-3 years out and celebrating the small wins along the way. I'll be sharing my wins at the end of this cycle - so stay tuned!

My #mealprep game is on point - and even though I'm still doing this low carb, high-er protien situation, I don't feel super deprived or like I hella miss carbs. In fact, in some ways my meal plan has re-ignited my passion for cooking. Every few days or so, I find myself itching to test drive some internet recipe (to see if it's actually good or not), or challenging myself to make a more macro-friendly version of the foods I enjoy. And it's fun. As a matter of fact, if you haven't already, check out the Dope Recipes tab here on the site, because I'll be updating as I discover new recipes and ways to create food that's better for you and actually tastes good.

#30DaysofDope Update: Week 2

But I'm by no means perfect - I have my weak moments and it seems like there's been challenge after challenge this month. Restaurants every weekend for birthdays. Special gatherings with food. I shoulda took a picture of my meal at California Pizza Kitchen for y'all. It was hilarious. I literally ordered Kung Pao Spaghetti with chicken and shrimp, and ate the meat and 1 forkful of spaghetti. I literally left a bowl of wet noodles behind. Next time, I'll order Kung Pao Spaghetti with no spaghetti, lol.

And I did eat a crazy amount of cookie dough on Tuesday this week, but on this Instagram post, I share why I'm not trippin.

Dope Spirit
This week, I spent some time reading in the Before the Cross: Fruit of the Spirit devotional lesson centered on peace. And this is where I start getting excited about #30Daysof Dope, because the texts that I'm reading start speaking to each other. In truly seeking God's peace - the peace that can't be swayed by the thoughts, opinions, and actions of others, nor by my circumstances - I have to actively learn to not take anything personally.

Did you catch that?

God's peace - the peace that surpasess all understanding, isn't something fleeting. It doesn't disappear when my bank account looks funny, or only exist in me when everything's all good. But I have to do my part. I can't be tossed about by every situation and circumstance. I have to make it a priority every day, to trust God.

And for someone as strong-willed as me, it's definitely a process.

But God has shown me more than enough times, that He is in control. So whenever I'm feeling anxious, antsy, stressed, or like a certain situation isn't moving how I planned for it to - I have to seek God's peace. My favorite scripture for this - which turned up in the devotional - is Philippians 4:6-7:
Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
One thing I love about this passage of scripture is that it doesn't say "tell God what you want, an you'll get it". God isn't some cosmic genie that we call on to get a new car, job, house, or boyfriend. But what he does give us is his peace - something that money can't buy. Peace is what holds us over when we're looking for that new job, car, or significant other. Peace is what allows us to approach these situations with the perspective that God has tailor-made blessings for each and every one of us

We just gotta trust Him :)

Well folks, that's all I got for this week! I wanna know how your week went too! Drop your updates  in the comments below - or e-mail me at christina[at]30daysofdope.com.

Talk to you soon, #DopeFam!
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It's day 15. We're at the literal half point of #30DaysofDope. Crazy, right? Summer is pretty much officially gone. As I ty...